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About Us

In a world that is highly structured, conforming and prescriptive, isn’t it time to break out and find your own way? A path that meets your goals and needs? Isn’t it time to put yourself first and not settle for compromise?


As a company we are here to inspire and remind you to follow your dreams and goals, to do what you feel is right for you, and to not let society or other people tell you otherwise. Following our own way is parallel to following our hearts, living our truth, and being as authentic as we can be.

Trust Us

At Trusted we create best in class unique lifestyle products. In developing these products, we look at the objectives of our customers and how best to help them reach their goals, without conforming to what other supplement brands are doing.


Almost all other supplement brands outsource their products to faceless corporations to manufacture and are only focused on using the cheapest ingredients and cutting corners to increase margins. The care and attention to detail that customers expect is simply not there.


This is where we are different. We have invested in our own GMP Certified and USA FDA regulated manufactured facility in beautiful Connecticut USA along with our own product development laboratory at Rutgers University Food Innovation Centre in New Jersey.


In our products you won’t find fillers, under dosing, or redundant ingredients. What you will find are premium-quality patented ingredients at levels clinically proven to provide results. We are all about producing the best possible product we can make.


That is why you can feel safe in trusting our products.



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